Thursday, 4 October 2012

Happy Birthday In Heaven My Angel Boy...

What Are Birthday's Now

Birthdays used to be full of

life, love, fun, and laughter.

Birthday's used to be about growing older

and gaining maturity and lessons.

Birthday's used to be about family,

togetherness and most of all love.

Birthday's now hold only

memories of you and your growth.

Birthday's used to be about candles on a cake,

now they are about lighting a path to heaven for you to see.

Birthday's now belong to only those who remember you.

Birthday's now resemble memorials, rather then you.

Birthday's now remain still

very still, quiet, and silent.

Birthday's now remind me of you no longer being here.

Birthday's now remind me how lonely it really is at times.

Birthday's were what you used to dream about.

Now I dream, of seeing you once again,
in the arms of our Lord and saviour, Jesus.

Birthday's are for the living,

for those of us who have lost our children,
Birthday's, no longer hold the same meaning they once did.

So celebrate your Birthday's, and hold a silent moment,

for those who have gone to the heaven's.
To become our guardian Angels.

Celebrate the life, you once had.

Celebrating the ones we miss so dearly.

Written In Loving Memory My Son's Kurt & Kevin

by Pat McDougle @2007

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