Saturday, 22 October 2011


NO, I'm not going to the VET!
This beats the heck out of bunk beds!
Awww Shucks, I thought I'd end up in the kitchen...
I've been on hold for 45 minutes!!!
Hold still while I get this one last spot that I missed..
I have an OUWEE!
What do you mean, 'I look a little green today?'
I wasn't doin' anything naughty, promise.
Ahhh... this is sooo good my toes are curling!
I'm sure glad this wasn't a frosted mug!!!
Whew, this pumpin' iron is for the birds!
Mom said to cover your mouth when you yawn...
If they phone --  I'm not here...
I missed you all day!
We have different Daddy's???
They call it puppy love~~~
Send this on to someone else that needs a smile today...

This is,
A doubt,
The cutest

Little ass
You will
Ever see...

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